Message from the President

Welcome to Silver Valley Development!

As the President of SV, my mission is to make our business profitable and make SV a good corporate citizen. To accomplish this mission, SV needs to focus on the following tasks:

  • Attract and retain a strong investor base. Land development is a capital-intensive business and, therefore, a strong investor base is critical to SV’s success. SV will always provide excellent security to our investors to protect our investors’ capital. SV also offers a great rate of return to our valued investors. Furthermore, SV will provide on-going investment opportunities so that our investors could invest with SV for the short, intermediate, or long term.
  • Actively pursue superior land development opportunities in western Canada
    Our rigorous research and screening with respect to land development opportunities and our 30+ years’ experience in land development will ensure that we only work on the projects that offer low risks and great return.
  • We only choose highly qualified and proven planners, engineers, and builders to ensure the highest level of quality for our subdivisions.
  • Whenever feasible, we will choose eco-friendly solutions.


Gary Zhang,



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